where is jocelyn on gh?Josslyn on General Hospital(2024)

Where’s Josslyn on General Hospital: Temporary Recasting & Return Date Announced!

Eden McCoy

Fans of General Hospital have been scratching their heads wondering where everyone’s favorite teen, Josslyn Jacks, has disappeared to! Fear not, dear viewers, we have the scoop on Jocelyn’s current whereabouts and when she’ll be back in Port Charles causing drama (the good kind, of course!)

If you could bring one fictional character to real world whom it would be and why?

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room:

Eden McCoy, the talented actress who has portrayed Josslyn since 2015, is currently on a temporary leave from the show. While the official reason hasn’t been publicly disclosed, fans speculate it could be related to personal matters following the recent loss of McCoy’s mother.

Eden McCoy

But don’t fret! Josslyn hasn’t vanished into thin air! To keep the storyline moving, the show has brought in newcomer Courtney Fulk to temporarily step into the role. Fulk is making her daytime debut and is doing a fantastic job of channeling Josslyn’s sass and spirit.

So, where exactly is Josslyn in the GH universe?

While the details are currently under wraps to maintain storyline suspense, it’s safe to say she’s likely on an unexpected adventure, perhaps facing a new challenge or exploring a hidden romance. Let’s be honest, in Port Charles, drama always finds its way to Joss!

Now, for the question everyone’s asking: when will Eden McCoy return and reclaim the reins of Josslyn?

The good news is, the wait won’t be much longer! McCoy is expected to return to filming in early 2024, meaning Josslyn will be back on our screens sometime between February and March. That’s just enough time for her Port Charles counterparts to stir up some trouble for her arrival!

So, mark your calendars and get ready to welcome Josslyn back with open arms (and maybe a box of tissues, knowing General Hospital)! In the meantime, let’s give Courtney Fulk a big round of applause for holding down the fort and reminding us why we love Josslyn so much.

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